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Meet the cover model behind The Broken Destiny - not just a pretty face!

Most authors choose their cover model via a stock photo library and then alter it as desired. And many are not fortunate enough to know who the face is that graces our covers. A few weeks back I got an email via my website from Ksenia in Estonia who had read my book and knew the girl on the cover personally.  At first I was reluctant to contact the beauty but Diana was kind and gracious from the word go. So we all want to know! 
Who is the gorgeous face behind the cover model of 
The Broken Destiny? 

You fell in love with the face on the cover immediately, in  fact she makes the cover! Mystical, exotic, powerful, gorgeous and beautiful are just some of the comments I have received, and many have asked who she is? Finally I am proud to admit I not only have a name to go with the beautiful face, but have had the amazing opportunity to get to know all that is Diana Arno in a short interview and a few chats of FB.

Diana Arno 

Is an amazing woman, that is not only beautiful in every way, but harbors so much talent, passion, energy and heart, with much to give, that it would be a shame not to share her with my readers.
A short list of her achievements
Miss Tallinn 2009/2010, Miss Estonia 2009/2010, Miss Universe 2009 contestant, Miss Asia Pacific World 2011 contestant. Student and Fashion Designer. 
Holds a Bachelor and MBA degree to her name.

Diana is from the magical wonderland that is 
Some awesome facts about Estonia 

  • The Estonian language is ranked as one of the toughest European languages to learn.
  • Estonia has the highest number of meteorite craters per land area in the world.
  • There are over 1500 Islands, 1000 lakes and 7000 rivers in Estonia
  • One of the popular delicacies of Estonia is grilled or marinated bear. Bear meat is legal in this country
Diana with her very own signed copy of The Broken Destiny 
Now she has cover model to add to her extensive list.

Interview Q&A
Diana asked me kindly to correct any mistakes she might have made on the questions as she is not very fluent in English just yet, but I refrained for the mere fact that you all can really get a feel for the Estonian beauty. 
What do you love most about Estonia?
It’s is a Cozy county,  with lovely people, quiet and no traffic jams and cataclysms!
The above comment about the traffic jams is actually a true fact about Estonia. – Love it!

Of all the countries you have visited which one do you miss the most.
I like to travel, and in every country I find myself something interesting to appreciate about my surroundings. So happens that I was able to spend some time in America, in New York. I know the city very well. There stayed many close friends to me, and the “Energy of the City” really suits me. I often see in my dreams New York and always miss it!

The Strangest compliment you have received?
Wow! You have an eyes like the Bambi has (baby deer)? 

LOL I think the person meant to say you have incredibly big beautiful eyes! LOL So cute

Favorite food?
With me is very easy with food! I am “alleater” but more seafood person! Mostly like Scandinavian modern style food.

Favorite animal?
My small dog Russian Toy Terjer –name Taras!

What can we expect from Diana Arno in the next year?
Recent years, I am very busy with studies, work, development of my fashion brand! Next year I want to concentrate more on my personal life and family creation.

What was your initial reaction upon discovering your face on the cover of The Broken Destiny?
I was very pleased that our work has been noticed and appreciated so much that put on the cover! That means we do everything right, and we are moving in the right direction. And we will continue to hold this level, to try and go ahead!

What was the best part about being miss Estonia?
Before the the contest Miss Estonia I studied a lot and worked in the field of business and economics.
Titel Mis Estonia involted me more in the world of beauty, fashion, art and charity!
It is impossible to allocate what of all of this the most important thing, because it's all very interesting, useful and important. But surely I found myself and began to develop the talents that have long been forgotten form childhood! I have created a Fashion brand “DIANAARNO”, and for me this is the most important thing.

The Craziest thing you have ever done?
Something crazy I did yesterday. Slept for a whole day and night straight. Wow, I must have been really tired. I woke up to brush my teeth and back in bed. 

Because I am so fan girl for Diana I made a little collage, This is Diana as...


Fashion Designer

Beauty Queen 


Yes I could really put up a million pictures of Diana, She's beautiful, funny, crazy, hardworking, loves her family, and is very sweet! 

While browsing through her pics you will most likely see her sister Natalja everywhere. These two truly are best of friends who I can tell lean on each other,work together and do all the fun and hardworking things side by side; these two seem virtually inseparable.  Doesn't that make you love her even more?

My crazy photo pics of the day: 

Where to connect with Diana Arno 

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  1. (: wow. This is a very fun post and she really does have beautiful Bambi eyes. Thank you for sharing!

    1. It was great getting to know Daina I feel very lucky in that aspect. Thank you Ryan for stopping by!