Science Fiction

Love this cover.I truly enjoyed the world RaShell Workman created. My imagination went wild on this one. Welcome to chicks SF! Pretty , adventurous, heart-throbbingly brilliant . A real page turner. Writing is very descriptive. Characters vivid. Dialog believable. A Creting good book.
A new favorite series to follow. And a lot of Oh NO! moments. Good enough to be a TV Series me thinks.

I love strong characters. There was a bit of a mystery to solve her that kept you on your toes wondering, guessing, racing through the pages. A good love story. A cross over of Science Fiction and Dystopian. The opening scene caught me immediately and kept me at it all night long.

4.5 Stars
although I had not read the Maximum ride series. This book was easy to read, and follow. I never wanted it  to end. A wonderful story, packed with action, heart -wrenching love story, and true YA science fiction.  Do not expect a happy ending.

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