The Infernal devices

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Clockwork Princess (The Infernal Devices, #3)Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare
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So first I wanted to give Clockwork Prince a 4 star rating, but that would be unfair just because I had expected a different ending. For me I had craved a cliff hanger ending- it was way too much of a happy one (only my opinion). I enjoyed this book very much. I must say I have come to love this series maybe a little more than that of The Mortal Instruments series . Will is just awesome, funny , witty, bad and gorgeous. You get to see all the characters in an entire new light - the plot was brilliant as expected. Cassandra Clare is brilliant at every little detail she has put into her books, the stories , the characters , the writing left me moved,torn, laughing and flabbergasted. I am a huge, huge fan of her work. I must admit the beginning was a little slow but went out as always with a bang! I had been fortunate to buy the collectors edition so at the very end of the tale there is a little something extra for all our Shadowhunter fans . (swoon)

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