Thursday, 31 May 2012

Coming soon The Broken Destiny pre launch Campaign

Its been a very windy road with my first book, but finally after 2.5 years of writing, editing , rewriting and editing I am happy to say I could not have dreamed how well my debut has turned out. Yes it might be seem premature as it has not launched yet, but through all the times I had almost given up, all the wrong choices I had made, finally I feel like I am my own winner,and that was what I was after, to be happy with myself, I have learnt a great deal about myself in this process and have enjoyed ever single step I took. At the time they might have seemed like mistakes, but they all lead up to what I consider my own masterpiece. Through the next couple of weeks, while we go over the content one's or twice more, then submit for publication, revamp the cover slightly - I will be launching a pre launch campaign to entice, tease and lure you all into the web of THE BROKEN DESTINY.
 I will also tease you guys with giveaways, snippets, all kinds of goodies, just to make sure you all know whats coming - fabululosity!! Yes I am blowing my own horn, I have worked the hardest I have ever had to, to get to this point. And what makes it all the more special I have all of you to share it with. Next week I start the campaign, so keep your eyes peeled for THE BROKEN DESTINY is coming your way!


Leave a comment if you have any ideas on how I can revamp this cover ...

       Love always,


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    1. THank you Lovely! I am so ready for this to happen :)

  2. Aaaaaa! Congratulations, honey! I'm so happy for you! ♥

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    1. Hi Chelsea! Thank you for taking the time to comming girl! so ampted for this!!! <3

  4. Bravo, but do something with the cover's lettering so that we can read your name. Right now it's gotten lost--a shame because it's lovely.