Friday, 6 July 2012

The Broken Destiny unveils Part Two #PartTwoUnveiled

Her Destiny is to rise above the fall

Part Two

Closer to the Edge

Chapter eight

 ~ As she pulled the hood over her head to protect her curls from frizzing in the rain, I mirrored her action and let my hood cover my view of her as I turned – covering my tears as we left.  I looked down at the wet ground beneath my feet, water pooling around the soles of my once clean boots. With a slow screech of metal the guards closed the gate behind us. I turned back staring at the huge iron gates, the winged pattern of our military badge spread from one wall to the other -I was no longer welcome. Sam stood staring as the wind picked up some of her red hair and brushed it across the dark gray sky, like fire against ice. I waved, water darkening the soft material of the gloves Maya had given me, the golden pattern almost fading with each drop. I loved the rain so much, but everything seemed out of place because of it. I will never be happy; our keepers have made sure of that. I kept my eyes on the soaked forest floor. I wanted to feel like this forever – forever gray, forever numb, forever sad. It concerned me that my thoughts were so morbid and indulging, forcing more of these gloomy thoughts to enter my mind. The more negative thoughts I had the worse I felt, and the worse I felt, the more I welcomed the pain and anger that harbored inside me. It was the only part of me I could control.

Chapter nine 
~ The Fall ~

"When we were together, nothing else mattered. The heat between us was self-explanatory. I mistook it for love. Even though he had never said it, I had assumed it. He became gentler and less angry with each passing moment we spent together. I mistook that for love, too. For a while, it felt like I was on top of the universe. I didn’t realize that I was about to fall."

~ . ~

Chapter Ten 
~ Perfect lies and beautiful denials~

"I should have noticed how my anger weakened my senses. His arms enveloped me and all I could do was stare – only managing to see red. When I eventually registered that he was right in front of me, I started to cry. The whole world seemed to stop as I crumbled into his arms. "


~End of Part two~

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