Monday, 20 August 2012

Interview a book blogger Monday

I have started this feature because as an author I believe I think book bloggers are my life line. I would also like to get into the heads of readers and bloggers. This week I had the privileged to interview the lovely Anna Dase From Read Between the lines - an up an coming book blogger quickly making her mark in our community of crazy book obsessions.

Read Between The Lines 

What is your favorite part of book blogging?  

RBTL: I love sharing my love for books with everyone, and I love getting to talk to authors about their writing and what they have in the works for us avid readers.

What is your opinion on negative reviews?

RBTL: WOW this is a good question. My opinion and remember this is just my opinion. I personally try to refrain from really negative reviews especially if it is part of a tour. If I have to do a review for a tour and I cannot give it a 3 or higher I contact the author in advanced. If I review a book that is not associated with a tour I will display my review as I see fit though. I think all reviews should be completely honest opinion of the reader and if worded correctly a learning tool for the author. I do not believe in going out there and bashing someone’s book at all. If you do not like it explain the good and the bad parts without humiliating the author because that is uncalled for and extremely rude and cold hearted.  Most authors like the honesty and learn from it to improve their writing as long as the reader does not an anyway try to humiliate them.

Do book bloggers get the thanks they deserve?

RBTL: Honestly not all the time.  I would be happy if I got a thank you in the comments especially if it is part a tour. You have some that say thank you all the time then you have some that don’t even bother to stop by and see what you have done. The latter part is a little disheartening but I will continue to do it because I love to read and share amazing books and authors with the world. 

As a book blogger what is the most rewarding feeling?

RBTL: The most rewarding feeling is sharing books with the world. And when someone tells me that my post that I did for them was phenomenal that is always a fantastic feeling.

Top achievements?

RBTL:  I have had a couple but the most monumental one would be when I was able to attend BEA 2012 that was such a fantastic  experience that I cannot wait to  attend next year’s  BEA. I have also been award a few blogger awards on my blog plus just recently my blog was nominated for best blog design in the bloggy awards which was pretty awesome also.

Favorite series?

RBTL: WOW Another Good Question. This is not fair L I do have my favorites but I really hate displaying them like this for I do not want another author  upset if they are not included in this list. There are so many FANTASTIC SERIES but not all are my favorites but are ones that I will continue to follow through the end.

Top favorite books for 2012?

RBTL: There is a list to long to name for this as well and I would be really upset if I named one book and not another and it hurt someone’s feelings. I really enjoy reading and for me naming favorites is really hard.

What elements give a book a 5 star rating?

RBTL: It has to blow my mind from start to finish like sit on the edge of my seat type story?  I want to feel the emotions of the characters.

Do you judge a book by its cover?

RBTL: I hate saying this but unfortunately I do and I believe I am not the only one out there guilty of this. I know the old saying “ Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover” but when a cover is good it catches my eye and I pick it up to read the synopsis then decide if I want to read it.

Best covers for 2012?

RBTL: Of Course Yours is Gorgeous , Ashley Robertson Unguarded, Yasmine Galenorn  Shaded Vision ,
MaryLynn Bast No Remorse & Caitlin Kittredge The Nightmare Garden and the list could go on.

When do you decided to put a book down and not continue to read it any further.

RBTL: I always read at least the first 3 chapters of a book and if it does not catch my attention I do not finish it.

What are your pet peeves about indie authors?

RBTL: I do not really have a lot of pet peeves with Indies (I support Indie Authors 100%) the only thing I get upset is if they get mad when they do not get 5 stars all the time.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion but same goes to readers if you do not like the book no need in bashing it when reviewing list its good qualities and the bad without being rude. You will get a better turn out if everyone plays nice. Authors learn from criticism that is given. Authors we know you put a lot of hard work into your book but not everything you write will be what we all want to read everyone differs in what they like. So if you only get a 3 star and not a 5 don’t get upset the book was still enjoyable the reader just found flaws in their opinion. I always do my best to go above and beyond but even I cannot make everyone happy. I love it when they tell me they love my blog that it is beautiful but I get upset when they don’t read anything and in turn get upset when I turn down their book. If I turn down your book I am not trying to single you out. I turn it down because I do not think it is fair to except a book that I may not be able give the exposure that it needs. 

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Thank you Anna for taking the time to answer some really difficult questions.

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  1. Love the interview Anna and you know I love you! Your are a great blogger and I enjoy reading your reviews.

    1. Thank You MaryLynn I know you do.

  2. As a book blogger, I have to say thank you for hosting these interviews! It's nice for our niche to get a little recognition, especially from authors. Great interview!

    1. I agree and I enjoyed answering Carlyle's questions.

  3. Really fantastic answers! I could not agree more on the negative reviews.