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Interview a book blogger Monday - We fancy Books

Every second Monday I feature one of my favorite Book blog sites. I love We Fancy books  - a dynamic team always willing to support an author and post their passions with style and a great attention to detail -  sharing with fellow book lovers and giveaway  enthusiasts. 

Enter We Fancy Books Blog 

What is your favorite part of book blogging?

Gold - There are a lot of things that I love about book blogging. First, you meet a lot of other people who love reading too, you get to exchange ideas and it fascinates me how, sometimes, their opinion on a particular book totally differs from mine. It’s like giving me a whole new perspective and understanding of the book. And of course, not to mention, the perks we get from it, getting free ARC copies for reviews. I totally love it! 

Jayjay - My favorite part of book blogging would probably be sharing your thoughts with other book enthusiasts. I love discussing book and I think book blogging has paved the way on discussing the books you love thus promoting the book as well.

What is your opinion on negative reviews?

Gold - It’s always good to be fair and honest, what’s the use of writing reviews if you sugar coat it? If you love it, express it. If you don’t like the book, be honest and be clear about it. But you just gotta be careful also with your words, and make sure you also pinpoint the strong points of the book too.

Jayjay - I think a negative review consists of bashing the author and being personal about the review. I detest everything about it though I can’t blame those people who write them. I do believe in honest reviews and as being honest comes being tactful. Your reviews reflect who you are in a way so if you are rude in your reviews I’m totally judging you.

Do book bloggers get the thanks they deserve?

Gold - I don’t really have a comment on this.

Jayjay - I’m a little bit hesitant but, yes. Authors are really appreciative about the existence of bloggers and the use of the blogging community.

As a book blogger what is the most awarding feeling?

Gold - Knowing that your blog is getting a lot of hits is one thing that means people have the interest to what you have to say about a particular book or event, MAYBE it also means that they trust your opinion, and definitely it means that your promotions are getting somewhere. I also love the feeling of introducing books to people, especially when they get back saying that they enjoyed it. I check other blogs too and I learn a lot from them. Reading and writing reviews are self-rewarding already, but actually, it’s more of bringing joy to people that matters.

Jayjay - The most rewarding feeling is being appreciated. You put hard work on every post you make and when people appreciate you and comment on your blog saying that they liked your review, liked your blog post is a very rewarding feeling.

Top achievements?

Gold – Jayjay should answer this!

Jayjay - As of now I can say that the blogs’ top achievement would probably be when Geianne got quoted from Mary Ting’s book; Between. And when the blog reached 200,000 pageviews! 

Favorite series

Gold - This is hard to answer since there are too many good series out there. But I can say that my all time favorite series is Harry Potter. And just to add, I also love Hunger Games and TMI Series.

Jayjay – My favorite series would have to be… The Mortal Instruments, The Iron Fey, Beautiful Creatures and Perfect Chemistry Series!

Top favorite books for 2012

 Gold - I was totally taken aback with your book, The Broken Destiny. No one told me it was that good and can’t wait for book 2! And to mention some of my other favorites: Insurgent by Veronica Roth, Hallowed by Cynthia Hand, Lonely Souls by Karice Bolton, and City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare.
Jayjay - I’ve read several good books this year, my top favorites would have to be The Fault In Our Stars, Game of Thrones, City of Lost Souls, On the Island, Pandemonium and Ender’s Game!

What elements give a book a 5 star rating?

Gold - I really don’t have like a list or a standard, I just base it on how it captured my attention, how the author laid the sequences of the events, the story itself, the characters, how it is written, etc. All in all, I base it more on my feelings.

Jayjay - I rate books depending on how I like them and how the story goes. I think what matters most for me are how I connect with the characters and the story and how it was written.
Do you judge a book by its cover?
Gold - I’d be a hypocrite if I say NO, but I also can’t say YES. All I can say is it plays a big factor when choosing a book in a bookstore especially if you don’t have any idea what it’s all about. The synopsis though, is more important for me. 
Jayjay - Honestly? Yes! But it doesn’t discourage me on reading a book. I rather prefer to read other people’s opinion. I’ve read a few books that have a good cover but don’t really strike a good story.

Best covers for 2012?

Gold - far I really love the Broken Destiny's cover

Jayjay - Until I Die, The Immortal Rules, City of Lost Souls, The Selection, Incarnate, Everneath, Incarnate and Endlessly.

When do you decided to put a book down and not continue to read it any further.

Gold - I always feel bad when I can’t finish a book. Even if I don’t like it, I always try to force myself to finish ‘til the end. I think authors deserve that. But if I can’t take it anymore, if it’s taking me too long to finish it, or if it’s making me feel tired or not enjoying a bit then I stop. Reading is my past time, my relaxation after a tiring shift at work; so if it is taking a toll on me, then that’s the time I stop.

Jayjay - To be honest, I was a patient reader before I got into book blogging. I think my preference changed through time. I decide to put down a book when I’m not connecting with the character needless the story.

What are your pet peeves about indie authors?

Gold - eeek, nothing really. Don’t even know the difference of an indie author to others, you answer this Jay.

Jayjay - My only pet peeves about indie authors would probably be how they approach bloggers. I love a well written review request. I always try to reply to those I think are sincerely sent and not just a copy pasted request. I also do not like receiving unsolicited twitter spam.

I love this this team !!! You can see why I was so excited to feature them this week. Best of luck to the gorgeous Duo we look forward to your posts.

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