Friday, 30 August 2013

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Burning in Water
Drowning in Fire by 

Arielle Cardwell


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Can a daughter of a goddess be strong enough? Or will she falter  costing the lives of those around her?

Burning in Water blurb: Nerita is the twenty-two year old daughter of a water goddess who was given to Cari, a fairy, to be raised by on land. Her memories are bound and shifted after Cari disappears.
Gavan, her trainer, helps to strengthen her powers and helps her to realize her true potential. When she is old enough, he takes her to Camberton to meet the queen of the fairy folk, Rueh. While there, she learns the truth to her past and the future she is meant to have.
The more time she spends around Gavan, the harder it becomes to deny her feelings for him. He is holding on to a secret that shocks and hurts Nerita. Can she forgive him for what he could never tell her?
She is confronted by Ahlic, the shifter who has taken everything from her. Now that her powers are getting stronger, she sets out to find him and bring down his kingdom. Along the way, she discovers more about herself than she could ever imagine; forever changing her life.
Can the daughter of a goddess be strong enough? Or will she falter; costing the lives of those around her? Follow Nerita on her journeys of love, sorrow, and vengeance.

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Drowning in Fire blurb: Nerita is tortured and put through more pain than she ever imagined could happen. Ahlic has captured her and locked her in a room where there’s no chance of escape on her own. He forces her to watch the murder of a friend. She strikes a deal to try and save lives but Ahlic is not the bargaining type.
After escaping, Ahlic forces her to endure a traumatic loss and haunts her in her dreams. More powers emerge from her, shocking everyone and leaving them slightly afraid. While on her own, a witch shows her the future and tells her grave news. A battle rages in her heart; unsure of how to handle the revelation.
She seeks Ahlic...but not to destroy him. Feelings she can’t control drive her to insanity and lust. Will Nerita give in and fall for what she’s been trying so hard to destroy?

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about the author

Arielle is a 27 year old mother of 2 little boys, wife of 6 years, proud U.S. Navy Veteran, poet, author, photographer, scrapbooker, and whatever else she feels like doing. She began writing at an early age but never pursued it until recently. Starting with poetry, she progressed to books. She lives in Pensacola, FL with her family.

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