Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Book Promo: The Sorrow by Azhar Lorgat

Genre: Crime Thriller Release date: February 9, 2014
The Sorrow is a dark crime story that explores the consequences of pain, and losing yourself to it.
Jack Mercer is a struggling cop caught between two worlds - trying to protect his wife and daughter by staying under the radar, or taking the fight to his enemies.
When a breakthrough threatens to uncover grand secrets about the mob, their hand is forced and Jack returns home one night to find his family brutally murdered.
Three weeks later he receives a phone call from his dead daughter.
As Jack chases the ghost of his child, he discovers a darkness within him; a bloodlust that he cannot control. 
I am a broody yet overly passionate writer who has been creating stories and worlds and dreaming of publication since I was eleven years old and still drawing comics in my scrapbooks. Now, I feel that I am at a place where I am confident enough in what I have learnt to start putting my work out there. I have a burning hunger to improve as writing is one of the most significant parts of my life.
Sadly, my creativity can't really be put to use in my Business Science degree, but fortunately I am able to channel my energy into writing every day.
When I'm not involved with my stories I am posting daily on the South African gaming and entertainment website, EGMR, as an Editor, Journalist and Reviewer, where I've been involved since its birth in February 2009.
What else can I say? I suppose in the interest of full disclosure I'm also fairly insane and a sugar-addict, so there's that.
Excerpt from Chapter 7: Sicarius
I staggered out of the car. My phone was ringing. I ignored it. I felt an emptiness that threatened to devour me from the inside. I opened the door to my house and the pit greeted me, welcoming me back. I went to the bathroom. Nausea swept over me and I violently threw up in the toilet. I reached for the basin and splashed cold water on my face. I raised my eyes. I saw my reflection. And I loathed the face that looked back at me.
The guilt. The pain. The anger. It burned. It hurt. I threw my fist forward and struck my reflection in a burst of hatred and rage. The mirror cracked with a shatter that echoed throughout the pit. My hand stung; tiny fragments of glass were stuck to it. Warm droplets of blood fell to the basin. I saw my true self in the broken fragments that remained.
How could I ever hope to save Jess if I was weak?
In my mind I saw the killer; the face of my darkness. I saw my failures. I saw the decisions I had made that had brought me here, and how I had failed to learn. Drops of water fell down my face. The darkness spread; the pit became infinite. And my eyes opened.
I finally saw, buried deep within the darkness, what I had to become to stop men like this.
What I had to become to save Jess.
I left the bathroom. My phone was still ringing. I drowned out the sound. I reached for my gun. I dropped my badge onto the floor. I retrieved the second phone I had acquired previously. I opened my door and stepped out of the pit and into the downpour.
I looked up at the sky. Lightning struck. For a second the world was engulfed in brilliant white light. I felt the rain on my face. I felt it sink into my skin.
It was a baptism. And I was no longer the same.
Deep within the clouds the storm raged, unleashing its fury upon the world.
I only had one thing on my mind.
Hal Edwards.
It was personal. This was my mistake. This was my lesson. The beast writhing within me, perpetually calling for blood, was awakened. And I let it free.
I moved.

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  1. Thank you so much for promoting this author, Carlyle. I truly appreciate it.

    Don't get too drenched. Wish it would stop raining already. :) xx

  2. Hi Carlyle! Just wanted to drop in and say thank you so much for holding a promotion for my book :) It means the world to people like me! It's much appreciated, and the winners of the giveaway are very happy too, which is fantastic to see.

    All the best with your blog, and thank you once again. It's a really great thing you do for us! :)