Thursday, 12 June 2014

Caught in the storm #newrelease

M. Stratton
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Caught in the Storm
The final book in The Storm Series

New Release:

What happens when the hunter becomes the hunted?

Kat Snyder has spent years chasing after the man who attacked her and left her for dead. It is her one obsession and she won’t let anyone stand in her way. Now that they are getting closer to finding him she begins to doubt herself and her need for revenge.

Jackson “Jack” Taylor lost the only woman he truly loved. Now that he’s found her again he’s not letting go and will do everything in his power to make her see they can have a life together. They search for the monster who has hurt so many women.

The closer they get, the closer they become, until they are both Caught in the Storm.

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  1. wow, until today I had never heard seen any of your books, but I definitely glad I found you, your books look amazing.