Tuesday, 29 July 2014

You can make a living being a writer!

If you are serious about making a living from your writing - then dont let this opportunity pass you by! 
A 6-week course for INDIE-preneurs who want to make a difference, make their mark, and make a damn-good living


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You know you were put on this planet to bring all the creative ideas in your head and heart to life, to inspire and share with others. You know that because the thought of not creating ‘your thang’ gives you anxiety and heart palpitations, reaching for a pint of Haagen Daas and your favorite comforter to hide under.
You know there are people out there who not only want, but who need your gifts in their lives to be entertained or challenged, or perhaps to escape if only for a little while… or to connect.
You know all of that but you’re stuck. You haven’t been able to move the needle in awhile, if at all, and you’re wondering if maybe you should keep or find that day job…that “backup plan” that “those people” keep talking about.
Here’s a quick checklist. Take a look. Do you find yourself checking any of these off?
___ Your online marketing isn’t working like it used to.
___ Your social networks aren’t really working together to find new buyers.
___ You feel like you’re talking to the same people over and over.
___ You feel like you’re only reaching your fellow creatives and friends instead of the right audience.
___ You’re doing what works for others, but it isn’t working for you.
___ You’re not even sure what to say sometimes online, or perhaps you feel like a broken record or like you’re begging for sales.
___ You know your work would inspire and captivate the audience…but you can’t seem to grow your sales.
___ You don’t know how to keep interest in you and your work between new launches/releases/pieces.
___ You know social media and talking to your audience is important, but you can barely find the time to create, much less be online for hours on end.
___ Your sales drop between new launches/releases, but you want to do this for a living and need for your sales to be consistent or better yet — increase.
___ Your confidence and happiness ebb and flow in direct proportion to how much  money is in your bank account. When the funds are low, the doubt demons and fear feed your anxiety about your worth and purpose.
___ You want to be able to live your life as a full-time indie-preneur. You want more freedom to travel, inspire your children, impress your spouse or family and live the life you know you were meant to live.
Any of these sound familiar?

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