Tuesday, 12 August 2014

My #UtopYA2014 blog stop #giveaway

Thank you for stopping by my blog today. This blog hop is all about our experience at UtopYAcon and dishing out some of our tips to those attending in 2015.
As most of you know I am flew in all the way from South Africa to Nashville to join my fellow authors, bloggers and readers at an event I knew would change my lifer forever. 

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Was UtopYA 2014 Everything I expected? 
It was more...
Find out more about my personal experience in this interview conducted by City News a local newspaper who believes in my mission to make reading a big deal in SA. 

Who is the Con for? 
Readers, bloggers, publishers, Agents, media gurus , new and established writers as well as anyone who loves books and writing.

Do's and Dont's 

Do attend the panels 
Do not forget your pen and paper

Do buy a table
Do not sit it alone, get someone to sit in while you attend the panels, the panels are why you are there - to learn. In my personal experience I learned more in that one hour that I did 2 years of online research as an author.

Do make up swag! 
You do not have to pay a fortune.
Bookmarks are awesome and usable and the designs are without limits. It has your lovely cover, you can print novel lines, quotes, links and coupon codes for discount buys etc..

If you are traveling abroad:
Do no need to pack a hairdryer
Do not take shampoo and conditioner or body wash - more room for books and shoes!

Do ask for help
Do not think you are alone in this, every attendee is there to get to know each other, they are not your competitors they are your friends, they are what makes it worth while, they are who you need to do this - its takes and entire village to raise a brand/book/blog.

Do get the hang of selfies! 
Do wear the killer outfits! 
most of all 
this is an environment of love and passion and creation, this is where you will find your place. 
Do attend the key note speeches - it will change your life, inspire you and give you the ammunition you need to tackle that dream!
Do create a pre-order option for you readers.
Do stop by every single table
Do get to know everyone
Do take loads of pics
Do it

Do take advantage of the theme! 
this years theme was everything  alien!

Next years theme

Giveaway time!!! 

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  1. Great blog, Carlyle! I completely agree with your Do's and Don'ts. Another important part is to just have fun! I think some attendees panic and worry about expectations, but everyone is so approachable. We're all there for the same reasons - to learn, to socialize, and to have fun. :-)

    1. You are so right! And its really easy to do that at this con isnt it!

  2. I've loved reading about everyone's UtopYA experiences! Thank you for putting this blog hop together :-)

  3. Great advice, Carlyle :) How awesome is it that you've set all this up? You ROCK, lady! I can't wait to see you again next year. What fun! WRITE ON!

    1. counting the days!!! OMG never thought Id go never mind getting a second chance to see you!