Friday, 20 February 2015

A story inspired by Taylor Swift's Blank Space

Taylor Swift's blanks space is just one of those songs that brought some awesome story telling to life  - so much so,  I felt compelled to create one of my own blank space version.....

Courtney Jade is a beautiful, smart and calculating in everything she does,  except when it comes to love. She’s reckless, indulgent and a heart-breaker who loves to play games. Slade is your typical frat boy who is good at playing other games. His gambling endeavors has gotten him though the first year of university until a huge raid locks down on their campus. Comes a rich boy who has gotten his ego crushed by Courtney and places the ultimate bet that will pay off the next year of Slade’s tuition. He must win over Courtney and break her heart or lose the bet and abandon his dreams of becoming a lawyer forever. 
Head in the clouds will launch its prologue this coming Sunday 23 Feb 2015 with each new part being added once a week. Fans of #ChickLit #Romance and of course the author (me) might just be surprised at my take on this new found genre for me. Switching from Science fiction - dystopian and fantasy could either be a good a bad thing for me - either way I am up for the challenge and would love you all to follow in my new venture into light-hearted chick lit.

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