Tuesday, 3 February 2015

#TeaserTuesday #Evanescent A Broken Novel

This weeks #TeaserTuesday 

is from Evanescent A Broken Novel

USA and South African editions launching soon! 

"Fire Side
Zenith is what they call the point of singularity, where everything comes together in one single moment. It’s that one kiss you will never, ever forget. It’s like having a volcano of pleasure erupt in your mouth. Nothing has ever mattered but that moment. Your entire life has existed for that one kiss. The heat, and the impenetrable hunger that will never be satisfied until it digs up your entire soul. It’s in the way he holds you like he will never, ever let you go. It awakens all your senses. You have never been so weak to his touch. A kiss that ignites your soul, giving it life. His scent, taste and touch is infuriatingly, irresistibly, and irrevocably – edible, consumable and daring. The fire burns right through you, melting you into him. It’s a language that uses everything inside of you to communicate. It’s a prayer only your bodies and souls will ever know. His lips become your life force. It’s that kiss you never walk away from. This is who I will be for the rest of my life.
Addicted to that kiss, the ultimate high with infinite, sweet poisons. It corrupts me, turns me inside out, leaves me shaking and invigorated. That is the moment I feel the most alive – ever.
He is my fireside."


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