Friday, 22 May 2015

Blogger Appreciation - Final Scene

And now it is time for our last Blogger Appreciation post. Sadly I do not have a blogger interview for today but I do have two Blogger Appreciation letters for you today. The first is from Author N.L. Greene and the last is from Leenna Naidoo, Author and blogger.

Dear Bloggers,

I just wanted to personally say THANK YOU for all that you do! I know it can be tough since  most of you do this as a hobby, working your regular 9-5, because you love it so much. We all know how that feels! Although it may get hard sometimes and you get the occasional person that doesn’t appreciate what you do, which sucks! Please know that the majority of us DO appreciate you and have a huge respect for ALL that you do. Without you, most of us wouldn’t be able to get our names out there and connect with fans, which means we wouldn't be selling our books.

Each and everyone of you is amazing, lovely, and more helpful than you can ever know! I’ve personally worked with quite a few bloggers and my experiences have been nothing but the best! I <3 you all and hope that you know just how appreciated you are and hope that you continue to love what you do because we need you!!

Thank you!!!

N.L. Greene

The Independent Travellers of the published universe*

The way I see it, bloggers are the Independent Travellers of the published universe*. They boldly go where no others (or a miniscule number) have ventured; bravely reviewing a multitude of books/products/services, loudly shouting about the good and the bad, gently donating and uplifting entire communities--including entire genres and genre writers--with their tireless volunteering of time and voice.

Most importantly, bloggers tell other travellers who will venture along later on or are planning to do so in future, about the best stops along the way, about the interesting local characters, about that shady outfit with the non-existent service or shoddy work, and about that really gorgeous captain, Rob...;-D They usually have some really great pics and quotes to add to their albums too. A blogger's voice reaches all the way around the world--even to Perth (Australia), the most isolated city in the world, apparently.

The way I see it, bloggers are pioneers; charting my galaxies, expanding my universe, adding fascinating new insights, busting myths, inspiring with images and quotes, encouraging (when I think I shall never reach my goal) with great stories of the view I'll find over there. How could anyone resist such enthusiasm? How could anyone resist not following in their path, if only for a little peek...or two? Bloggers tell the world about new destinations before the developers move in and try to turn it into an overpriced resort. But that's really only my opinion.
“Ah!” you may go, all offended, “But I am a reader and I try new authors and genres all the time!”
The way I see it, that's just awesome too. We authors love you for it (we really, really do, but being shy we don't say much, just bless you in our prayers).

It's easy to compartmentalise people into reader, blogger, writer and address them only as such. But the way I see it, you (like me) are all three. I write stories, I read books and magazines, and sometimes review and rate them. I write a blog, I read and comment on blogs, social media and websites. I pester librarians, recommend books to other readers, loan out books and then immediately miss them...
In this new age of the digital and global communication, most people I know (save for my gran) are constantly reading, writing, sharing and discovering the new, the old, the soon-to-be...
The way I see it, writers pick a new land to plan and develop, bloggers discover this new destination and spread the word, other readers arrive and either visit or settle down into the writer's creation--creating a community, a town, a city, where characters and readers interact and explore. We all need each other for this ecosystem, or the world would be too boring to contemplate!

And while you think about that, let's have a little short story.
Leenna's Town sat quite unknown in the published universe. It was on the far end of an little visited corner of a large independent island called Smashwords. There had been a few travellers stopping by once or twice a week, taking a cruise on Rob's yacht, trying out Angela's Divine Chocolate, going on a tour to the desert with Tom and Melissa, or just taking a look around that Learning To Surf place. Sometimes, they really liked Leenna's Town and mentioned them in their emails back home or tagged it on their photos.
While Leenna's Town was very grateful to these few visitors for their ratings and the odd review, the townsfolk knew it would not be enough to save their town from hard times and even abandonment...
One day, an independent blogger walked into Leenna's Town. She muttered, “I Find Myself Charmed”, and took a leisurely look around the town--it was No Distance To Run, really, so she didn't.
A few days after she'd left, Charmaine and the other townsfolk realised there were a few more independent bloggers going through--and they were happy. Once or twice a blogger would say, “Here Be Monsters!” and leave really quickly. Rob was quick to point out that it was Situation No Win with them.
One day, something remarkable and wonderful happened; a whole tour bus of visitors arrived. Soon, more busses of visitors arrived daily. Leenna's Town had never been so busy! The townsfolk had never been so happy! They were now on the map! They could live and grow and the whole world, especially people who liked them, would come back and stay, welcomed like old friends who wanted to hear all the news and gossip, and explore the area just that little more. Plans for the future were made and characters returned to their hometown to live fulfilling lives.
Leenna's Town had found its reason to exist.
How do you see things? How has your reading community developed? What's your newest discovery in publishing universe, Independent Traveller?

*concept inspired by Melissa Rose's blog: Around The World In Books.

That’s it for today folks. But tune in on Monday and we will be revealing all the details about our fabulous giveaway.

Have a great weekend!

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