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Entasy is coming your way!

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19 June 2012

Through tragedy
Kylah has lost all memory 
of who she really is
But soon She will find out....

Prequel to the series that will feature the warriors of The Nine

But first meet :

Aerric Aodhan (Eric Aidan)-
His name means “Alone Fire”, two things he thought he’d always be until he fell in love with Kylah. She changed his life forever.
Aerric is a dragon phoenix, the only one of his kind. He was created by the goddesses to protect them and those they care about. Due to the fact that he was indeed “made” and not born, he knows no family other than Morrigan and Brighid. He is immortal and can only die if the ones who created him cease to exist.
If he is “killed” he rises from the flames as a phoenix. As his transformation begins to complete itself his feathers turn leathery and more dragon-like. In his human form he is vulnerable to attack but only if his opponent is lucky enough to get in a winning shot. He likes to get up close and personal with the ones he engages with so hand to hand combat is his first choice. Aerric is capable of killing with a mere touch-he “incinerates” his opponent from the inside out leaving them a pile of ash.
Aerric has a special connection to the twins Zephira and Nadia which will be revealed as the series continues but for now you can know that he is very close to them and will protect them with his life. 

Hmm some kind of sexyness!!!

Cant wait to read more about this Celtic God!

He is just one of the many characters you can swoon over in this series: 
Author Webiste : Brynn Myers

My review: 

Entasy (Prophecies of The Nine, #0.5)Entasy by Brynn Myers
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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I was totally caught up the world Brynn had created. I am a sucker for great stories, and romantic encounters.Entasy had all that and more... Strong characters, drop dead gorgeous immortals,an irritating best friend, family, and fun moments. A true urban fantasy with ancient Celtic magic caught in the middle of Kylah's high-end city life, I found unique and imaginative, luring and very intriguing. A series I would definitely follow. Brynn has almost a classic writing style, delivers wonderful sentences and heart wrenching moments. This novella is truly a wonderful way to kick the series off. Minor erotic content warning. Truly a page turner at its best, the story and plot moves quickly, and if you have read any of my other reviews, I need books to move quick, I need mystery, romance and I love to be caught of guard. Wonderfully executed in every way. Now how to get my hands on the next one...... 

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  1. Great post! I loved Entasy, and definitely love me some Aerric. :p I can't wait to see his and Kylah's story develop even more!

  2. Huge hugs Carlyle! What a great review, thank you so much. I am thrilled that the story captivated you. There is so much more to know about Kylah and I have already started working on her and Aerric's story. It is going to be an interesting one. :D

  3. Great review! I'm putting this on my must buy list for sure :)