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Cover Crush Winner Scarlet Night by MJ Parker

Cover Crush Contest Winner 2012 - Romance/ Dark Romance

What are the key elements that tie in the cover with the story?
~The cover was actually originally drawn and designed for my story. The characters are all uniquely made to fit to my exact characters in the book. So, the key elements would definitely have to be the characters—each one DOWN to the tattoos on the male’s (to the right) chest is perfectly matched. I could not be happier with this cover as it portrays exactly what my characters traits are.

Who designed your cover?
~Rae Lori – a VERY talented artist who has worked with me one-on-one to draw out and design my cover perfectly. You can see more of her work at OR!mainPage

What is the favorite part of the cover?
~I gave Rae very small details at first on my characters. Yet, when I was given the initial sketch, she had made my main character EXACTLY how I saw her when writing her. The energy/auric bow and arrow she uses was perfect and the expression was definitely one my character would make. She made my male ghost perfect fit exactly how he was in the book as well. I think my favorite part of this cover IS the entire cover.

Tell us about the book.
~The story revolves around the vampire, Serena. Her father has recently been killed and the clan she has fought to stray from is in need of a leader. Zane, a vampire who is cursed by magical tattoos that turn him bestial, is a part of the clan and needs to get Serena to take over the clan she is needed by. However, as more danger threatens their clan, Serena and Zane’s emotions can’t be denied. Of course, this is made difficult when Serena’s dead-lover’s ghost haunts her every move.

What advice do you give others about creating a award winning cover?
~Just think of key elements that really portray your book. If a character has unique eyes or traits, make sure to add them to the cover. Also, find a good artist (unless you’re an artist yourself) and check out their portfolio to make sure their work can translate your work perfectly. Also, keep your descriptions detailed but small enough to still add some mystery to the cover. I think that not only the art style but the mystery behind the cover really can add to the readers wanting to discover more behind the cover.

In you opinion does a great cover sell a book?
~Yes. Although, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover…people do. Let’s face it; certain art and themes really draw people into the book. Since, by default, the FIRST thing a reader will see is the cover of the book in question, you really want to make it special. You want the reader to stop at your book on the shelf of a bookstore or on the screen of their computer and go “hmm…I’d really like to see more.” Make sure it not only screams at you but you can really feel that the cover will scream at the reader to pick it up and delve more into the story.
Thank you again for the opportunity to be hosted on your blog and thank you everyone who voted for my cover in the contest!!
~Megan J. Parker

About the author

Megan J. Parker lives in a small town in Upstate NY with her fiancee and two devil kitties. She loves all things art and is usually writing, designing or editing videos.

She started with writing poetry before slowly developing into writing short stories and finally, her work developed into novels.

Her debut novel, "Scarlet Night" will be released October 1st, 2012 and will be available in print and Kindle. 

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  1. Awesome cover. This sounds like a book I would want to read. Congrats!