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The Broken Destiny unveils Part Three

Part Three


“She will become what she hates to save the ones she loves.”

You cannot know what light is
if you have not experienced darkness.
How could you know what happiness feels like
if you know not what it means to be sad?
Right does not exist without wrong.
Hate exists because there is love.
You are either driven by fear or love.
To love is not to fear.
It is to be godly.
~ . ~ 

~ Supernova ~

The smell of wood fires and some kind of chemical polluted the air,
smothering all the fresh air in our surroundings. I took it all in; the
shape of the forestry nearby whilst searching for little escape paths
through the trees. I noticed Enoch smile. I had to be careful what I
thought about around him. My ears were suddenly assaulted with the
sound of drums beating wildly and the echo of war cries resonated
down the hill. I stared at the ties around my wrists, the rope made of a
thick weave consisting of animal hair. Its coarseness scraped across
my palms. I couldn’t feel the cuts and bruises on my body anymore.
The pain in my heart was much worse, but I shoved it down. I needed
it to save us. ~

~ Revelations ~

Change everything you are.
Change everything you were.
Change everything you will be.

A troop of guards escorted us up a spiral staircase
made from the same ivory as the four-poster bed. Skulls hung from the
clay brick hallways, strings of multicolored spears decorated the roof,
their sharp blades threatening to come down on me at any minute. We
entered a doorway and my eyes fell on a massive lion’s head stuck to
the wall – we were about to enter the Royal chamber. A golden mane
gave way to a soft, fair face and in its eyes, hollowness and death was
evident. My heart ached at the way its beauty and majesticness had
been defiled at the hands of this world. Realization of how I was going
to beat my enemy sank in hard and fast. I almost felt sick at the thought
that I was to become what I had hated for so long in order to save
myself, to get to Troy’s body in time, to save the villagers, the young
queen and eventually save everything I loved. My pulse raced at the
idea. Why did it have to come down to this? I knew no other way. I wished
something would come to me soon. It was the only way I could think
of. I had to become what I hated – and very fast... ~

Chapter 13
~ Uprising ~ 

~ When he kissed me it felt like I had found the only place
where it would all be okay. There was nothing I had done that couldn’t
be fixed by that feeling. I have to pull through. I have to have more of this.
My head started to spin. I wasn’t sure if it was from loss of blood, or
yearning. At that moment, I could have consumed all of him and never
let him go. I would carry that with me into the next life. I drew in more
of his scent, thinking that this should be the part where the golden
light came raining down on two lovers and one is saved by the other’s
kiss. It wasn’t. It only got darker, my senses numbed and I felt depleted.
He disappeared entirely. He vanished from my sight, my touch and my
heart. It was lonely and it was dark. I had failed again and I knew that
that would be the thought that stayed with me for all eternity. ~

~ Evolve ~

To find yourself, just look inside the remnants of your past.

~ The forest blurred past me as I kept running. I felt myself
evolving with every angry breath I took and I could sense that
it was killing me. There was a tight pull in my calf muscles as
the soft, saturated forest floor gave way to a rise at the base of the
mountain. The distant strikes of lightning and crashing thunder
summoned me and the rain kept coming. It was harder and colder than
before as the icy drops stung my naked body. I wanted the rain to
shower down on me as hard and as cold as it could until it cut away all
the wrong I had done. There was something there inside me that
should never exist; I could feel its rottenness threatening to evolve me
into a monster. I kept running until my throat was on fire, but the rage
didn’t subside. It only got worse. I screamed as my feet dragged through
frozen mud, lacerating my skin, suddenly halting where the land fell
away. I had come to a sudden stop near a cliff that overlooked a strong
river cutting through the mountains like glass separating truth from 
fiction. I wanted to go so far away that it would seem like I had never
existed. I believed that every decision I had ever made would melt
away the farther away I got. I can never go back. ~

~ Motionless ~

I was sitting under a dim light in the library in the early morning
hours, my head buried in a novel. I accidentally cut my finger on one
of the pages and stared at the strange color of my blood, still pondering
what I was. Enoch knew, and I wondered if I would ever know what he
meant by “What you are, what is inside of you”. I sucked on my finger to
clean the blood, but when I pulled back there was something else,
something mechanical. I pulled at the skin to get a closer look, when I
heard footsteps making their way down the long hallway.

~ Epilogue ~ 

 ~ The sweat poured down my neck and my
mind raced as I fell onto all fours. “This is bad. This is very bad.” I shook
my head as I fought the return of the numbness.
Troy stood staring into the distance and then his eyes fell on me. I
wasn’t watching him, but I could feel his stare. It felt like a heavy weight
had been placed upon me. I could tell he was furious. The tension
“What have you done?” he asked me, disgusted.
My heart sank, and all the regret and filth came clambering up
I looked up and into the familiar face of my enemy, he saw me and
smiled. I took in his scent as I stood, deeply inhaled his intentions for
me – Evanescent. ~

We are broken.
How does one restart?
Words unspoken.
The broken beating of my heart.

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