Thursday, 20 September 2012

Pre party G!veaway - 5 books up for grabs!

Win two tickets to the event
Win one of five books
Win beautiful handcrafted African treasures 
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Her destiny is to rise above the fall 
The Broken Destiny 

An amazing new sci-fi series begins with The Broken Destiny: Book One of The Broken Series.
Ava's People have been exiled to Planet Poseidon, where through a series of horrific events, Ava discovers that their existence has been fabricated by The Council, And She has a Destiny that could save them. Her Soul is a secret weapon that has been lost to an ancient race. To fulfill her destiny Ava needs to go through a series of "changes" that will reveal her true purpose. Throughout her journey she will become what she hates in order to save the ones she loves. And through it all she will find herself - for that is her Destiny, to rise above the fall. 

                                    A Pirate's Wife

Rosa Lee Almaida grew up in a sheltered life after she and her mother experienced a horrific ordeal in the middle of Africa. Meeting her father was the only good thing that came out of it. The man honored by all sailors on sea for his bravery and unconditional love. He was her hero the example of how her husband must be one day. Now twenty years later she is forced to return to the seas that took the life of many. 
Abducted from her parents’ castle in Portugal, Rosa Lee Almaida was part of a ransom to The Falcon, a brutal Pirate King on the Island of Madagascar in exchange for her younger brother Pedro’s life. 
She came face to face with The Falcon’s son Roberto de Ville, a man equally brutal but with a hidden agenda.

                                     The Rose of Cavendish

                                A rose, A darkness and a desire

Anna-Belle, the flightless princess of Fae, has escaped out of the palace to live life her way. Little does she know that life is changing her into something she did not foresee! 
Her friends, Landon and Keira, the Napaea faes, Aranhil, the prince of the Elves, and Ulrik, the dwarf will join her on a quest to save the Fae Realm. She must make a choice and her heart's true desire will be the key to unlocking the mysteries she needs to know as well as the destruction of what she already does!
Life as a Fae princess is the road to darkness!

Dark Moon

Set in the romantic city of Cape Town, Storm tries to force a proposal from Trevor, and instead, she meets Jarred. Trevor has been preparing himself for what he plans for Storm, which is not quite what she expects. When she tells Trevor that she is carrying Jarreds baby, she releases true evil in Trevor. Storm, feeling that he ruined her life, refuses to have anything to do with Jarred, but he pursues her relentlessly. Donna, Storms roommate, bears the brunt of Trevors anger. Elle, Trevors sister, a fact unknown to them, makes it her mission to catch Trevor and bring him to justice, but he draws power from her for his evil purposes. Their mother senses what Trevor is doing and she uses her considerable knowledge and experience as a witch to curtail him. For a while it works, but he soon gathers his power, which he uses to his unfair advantage on Storm. Would Sybil and her helpers get through to Storm before she makes the mistake of her life

A tale of the other kind

Kai Emery finds himself infatuated with his classmate Sienna Fynn. However, his world spirals out of control when he discovers that he is a shapeshifting were-leopard, and he finds himself in danger from the god of magic and darkness for falling in love with a human.

African goodies!!

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  1. I would love to win any of these prizes, except the tickets.
    Thank you for the great giveaway!

    Demitra Giote
    adgiote at hotmail dot com

  2. I would be very excited to win any of these prizes. Unfortunately I am not local for the charity event, so am not eligible. Thank you for this awesome giveaway opportunity.

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  5. I love all the prizes, except the tics bc I am to far away

  6. I'm not eligible for the tickets, but any of the books or the pottery/jewellery will do (:

    Email: gohsherlyn at yahoo dot com dot sg

  7. Thank you all for your entries!!! Winners anounced much later today - 24/9