Thursday, 14 February 2013

What it means to be an author in South Africa By Lea Cherry

I am happy to introduce a fellow South Africa Author Lea Cherry

Author of The Rose of Cavendish

I had asked Lea about what she thought of being a published author in South Africa ~

Being an author today in South Africa is an amazing thing. We as SA authors are lucky to have such inspiration right here in our home country, but the market is bit slow here. Making it 'big' would bring more attention to other fantastic authors here in South Africa as there isn't really a markett for paranormal/YA genres here. But writing isn't just about making it big overseas, it's about expressing yourself in a way everyone can understand. It's about sharing the world you live in, either physically, emotionally, or mentally, with the world and making new friends with a common like in fantasy. To me, being a South African author, it's not about where your at that counts, it's where you're going that truly matters.

About The book 

Anna-Belle, the flightless princess of Fae, has escaped out of the palace to live life her way. Little does she know that life is changing her into something she did not foresee! 

Her friends, Landon and Keira, the Napaea faes, Aranhil, the prince of the Elves, and Ulrik, the dwarf will join her on a quest to save the Fae Realm. She must make a choice and her heart's true desire will be the key to unlocking the mysteries she needs to know as well as the destruction of what she already does!

Life as a Fae princess is the road to darkness!

About the Author 

Born in 1988 in South Africa, Lea lived a fantasy life. She studied interior design after school but dreamt that there was more that she could do. After her wedding in 2010, she decided to challenge herself and see if she could write a book. By October 2011 the book was published and now Lea has time to work on her second book (Also the sequel to The Rose of Cavendish) called The Memory of Cavendish. Catch all the updates of her novels on twitter as lala_lea or on facebook

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  1. Hey there from another South African! I know exactly what Lea means about publishing in South Africa, there isn't actually all that much space for any genre writers in the South African market, if you think about it. Maybe if you write thrillers... :-/