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#hotnewrelease The Origin Report @BlaireKensley

Blaire Kensley was one of my first online friendlies when I joined social media two years ago. And since then I have been waiting a release from her. From the beginning of our online friendship I fell in love with her writing style. Finally the day has come and I have to share the talent of this author. 

Introducing Debut Author Blaire Kensley 

The year is 2083…six years since the global outbreak of the Strip-Virus.

After the deadly virus spread across the planet, leaving mankind inescapably on the verge of extinction, a new world leadership, the Intelligence Alliance, rose to power with one sole mission in mind…the survival and preservation of the human race.

When physician, Dr. William Carland, citizen of District 6-149; is contacted by a man from a past he can’t remember, he'll soon discover that some truths are far from reality and some realities are in fact the real cover up


 DISTRICT: 6-149 (Seattle, WASHINGTON)
YEAR: 2083

The steady BEEP of his tracker alerted Dr. William Carland that he was due for his next citizen’s check-in. Disarming the device, he checked his watch. He had one hour before his next appointment. 
Back in his office after an exhausting eighteen-hour shift and all his rounds completed, Carland mechanically rushed through his end of day routine.  Making a few final notes in the day’s patient report before uploading it into the hospital’s data system, he sighed tiredly as he started gathering his belongings. 
Stuffing everything he needed into a worn leather satchel, he made one final sweep of his office before locking the door behind him.
Heading for the exit, Carland rubbed the back of his neck in an effort to relieve the pressure that had built over the last eighteen-hours, a pressure painfully compounded by one of his infamous headaches. With no identifiable triggers the persistent headaches he’d been developing ever since waking eight years ago after a seven month coma, sans a lifetime of memories, had stubbornly lingered and showed no response to any of the medication or treatments he had tried.
And he had tried them all.
Maybe it’s time for a vacation, Carland thought.  It had been years, he suddenly realized, since he and Sarah had taken a nice vacation together. Deciding it was time that they got away for a while; not to mention he could definitely use a relaxing break from the hospital, he made a mental note to discuss the idea with Sarah that night. 
“Excuse me, Dr. Carland.” A voice called out. Halting mid-step, Carland turned to see one of the young trauma nurses, Mary, hurrying down the hall in his direction.  A thin black case extended in her hand. “Thank goodness I caught you; this just arrived for you by messenger.”
Accepting the case Carland instantly recognized the seal of the Intelligence Alliance embedded on the front. It was unmistakable. Wavering, he tucked the case inside his satchel and offered a grateful smile, not missing the curious stare of the young nurse. “Thank you, Mary. I’ll be out of my office for the rest of the day. Dr. Korrigan is the primary on shift so any questions or messages can be forwarded to him or to my assistant, which I’ll see to them when I return.”
“Yes sir.” Nodding, a stray strand of hair slipped from the clip mounting the rest of her shiny blond hair to her head. Swiping the stray strand back from her face and tucking it behind her ear, Carland instantly noticed the blue glow on her wrist. 
The tracker system had been implemented almost immediately after outbreak. Six months. Exactly how long it took to tag and enroll every citizen into the tracker system. Used  to not only monitor every citizen living within a sanctioned district, it was also a public tag, embedded on every district citizen’s wrist to alert patrolmen and other citizens of who the I.A. deemed safe and those they deemed a threat. 
White status citizens were deemed to be in perfect and superior physical condition.  A blue status indicated a citizen who displayed a low immunity, or inherited deficiencies that left them more susceptible to infections.
A red status…

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